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judgment debtors bank, work and own property. Then we leverage the power of the legal system to garnish, seize, lien and levy debtor assets - which means we get judgments paid fast.​

Our team is particularly effective at getting old judgments paid - especially judgments attorneys and others gave up on years ago. Maryland judgments are valid for 12 years and renewable there-after.  And we've found human nature drives even the hardest and most difficult judgment debtors to want to create a better life for themselves and their families over time - particularly over years.

About Us

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For over a 12 years, The Judgment Group has pioneered the business of professional judgment enforcement in Maryland. A licensed collection agency, The Judgment Group is focused exclusively on judgment enforcement.  That means we don't operate as a typical collection agency.

We don't track down debtors and beg them to make voluntary payments. Instead, we combine powerful judgment enforcement laws with the power of cutting-edge technology to locate where 

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