The Judgment Group

Committed to being a small firm, we treat each judgment, each person and each interaction uniquely.

As a boutique legal collection firm, we take great pride in our desire and ability to treat each case with great care and consideration. 

The reality - the truth rarely spoken out loud - is that getting judgments paid comes down to understanding people.  Judgments aren't unique creatures.  Individuals approach a legal matter with their own version of reality - with their own wants, needs, feelings and fears.  They come together in court to allow an independent judge to determine the "truth" of the situation - which should resolve the matter once and for all.  But in reality, that's usually where things go astray and people do what people do - until something happens.

​Our team of experienced professionals understands, appreciates and works hard to properly resolve the various and often difficult personal issues involved in getting a judgment paid.  We take the time to research each situation to bring about the most effective opportunities to ensure a successful outcome.  Technology is important and data matters, but in the end, payment involves people.