The Judgment Group

Our expert team has over 100 years of debtor investigation & judgment enforcement experience.

​The secret to our success is our proprietary system that's laser-focused on covertly locating where debtors work, bank and own assets - anything we can garnish and turn into cash. Then we leverage the power of the legal system to garnish, lien and levy those assets to get judgments paid. 

Every cent we earn as a company - 100% - is the direct result result of our expertise and success in getting judgments paid. That's why we're always on the lookout, researching, testing and investing in new technologies and data sources - long before most people even know they exist.

The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone and because we serve a wide range of clientele, we take great pride in the integrity of our advocacy. We actively approach each communication and interaction with a willingness to learn and a desire to understand because we succeed one person at a time.

Each day, our team of experts - with more than 100 years of collective experience - actively investigate thousands of judgment debtors and enforce millions of dollars in unpaid judgments because we believe the fight for justice is fought one step at a time.  It isn't easy or convenient but it's required to actually get justice - not just the promise, idea or notion of justice.  That's what we fight for - justice for you!