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We fight for justice and do what the courts don't. We locate debtors and their assets and initiate aggressive, legal enforcement actions to get judgment paid. 

Courts attempt justice but the legal system falls short. In today's economy, 90% of judgments go unpaid - which means nearly all of us fail to get the justice we deserve. And that's unacceptable!

Most judgments never get paid because while the legal system attempts justice by awarding court-ordered money judgments, courts don't initiate enforcement actions or ensure judgments actually get paid.

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You did your part. You went to court and won. The judge actually ordered the defendant to pay you money. But if the judgment debtor doesn't pay you voluntarily, what do you do? You know there are three options to enforce a judgment and get it paid which you can do yourself or you can turn your judgment over to us for enforcement and rest easy knowing you have a team of experts focused on getting your judgment paid.

If a judgment is not paid voluntarily, there are three enforcement options:

    1.  Garnish the judgment debtor's wages.
    2. Garnish the judgment debtor's bank account.
    3. Seize the judgment debtor's personal property or real estate.

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