Some debtors choose not to obey the law which creates unfortunate and uncomfortable
circumstances for everyone. But our mission for justice requires we push the envelope on personal comfort or risk the threat of injustice for all of us. 

12 Years as Maryland's Judgment Collection Experts

 ​​​The Judgment Group is an independent firm working within Maryland's Judiciary to get judgments paid. For over a decade, we've been balancing aggressive judgment
 enforcement with debtor assistance and getting justice for all. ​Courts attempt justice by awarding money judgments but today the legal system falls far short. Did you
 know given today's economy, 90% of judgments now go unpaid?  Why?  Because judges and courts don't initiate actions to get judgments paid. But we do!​​​

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The Stakes are Too High Not to Push for Justice!

We are conservative with respect to compliance and privacy laws. We take great care to comply with all federal and state laws - especially those related to personal information.