The Asset Recovery Group, LLC, Collections Agencies, Stevensville, MD

​Life never goes as planned and everyone's circumstances are different.  In these challenging times, we can work with you.  Visit our DIY self-service payment portal to create and setup your own payment plan - a plan that works for you! 

Cutting-Edge Enforcement
We've been getting better every day for since 2004.

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These are challenging times - for all of us - so we created thoughtful solutions that allow us all to survive.

Covertly securing assets requires advanced technology.

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Millions Collected
Our well-earned reputation for success speaks for itself.

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Millions in unpaid judgments successfully collected by our professional enforcement team for more than 15 years.
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Trusted Reputation

17 Years of Focus

The Judgment Group

We actually get millions from people who don't want to pay.

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​​The Judgment Group is an independent firm working within the Maryland Judiciary system.  Combining advances in technology, social media and personal data, we leverage the power of the legal system to get unpaid court-ordered money judgments paid.​